Thursday, 12 September 2013

Minke Fishing Tool Review

The Minke Fishing Tool is probably the best looking piece of kit you will see this year and probably next!

So what is it? Minke is an innovative, pocket sized, multi tool by Scottish company Meso-Design.  The Minke allows the user to cut lines, clean hook eyes and probably most impressively allows you to thread hooks and tie clinch knots.

Hook Eye cleaner and Snips
I’m never one for buying products because I feel I should.  When my friends are there with their Hardy rods and reels I’m more than happy with my Greys.  If a products works for me then I’m happy, if it looks good at the same time then that is a bonus and this is exactly what you get from Meso Design’s new product.

I’ve fished with Minke both on the River and Stillwater and it has effortlessly cut Fluorocarbon from 2lb up to 10lb with easy.  I’ve used it to attach flies from size 10-16 and it hangs nicely from my lanyard due to the built in lanyard loop.  I also had many an interested look and inquisitive question all asking questions, each one commenting on how good it looked.

Lanyard loop
The Clinch knot I used when catching the 2 fish below was tied using the Minke Tool so i'm pretty confident the process is solid.

3lb Stillwater Rainbow
1lb + River Wye Brown

Now, you’re probably thinking how can it help tie a clinch knot? Well…it’s simple really.  You slot the hook into the rubber section on the front of the tool, which holds the hook eye in place. A funnel on the top of the tool allows the line to be past straight through the hook eye.  The clinch knot is formed by wrapping the line around two rings on the body of the product, and feeding the line back down a second funnel. Then by simply pulling the hook out of the device, the knot can be tightened and the hook secured.


When you consider the wet and windy conditions, people with poor eyesight or a disability, this product takes away potentially one of the most difficult (and frustrating) parts of fishing.  Who knows, by removing the ‘need’ to tie a clinch knot by hand, it may even get more people into fishing.

Czech Nymphing the rivers of Mid Wales in the depth of winter as you can imagine gets pretty cold.  The number of times i’ve tried to tie on that killer fly and my hands have been so cold I can hardly move, this year I will have the Minke tool to help.

Originally developed as a school project, Meso took this idea and went ahead with it.  Through numerous prototypes and rigorous development they came up with an incredible looking product.  I can’t see anyone not wanting one of these hanging from their jacket and I highly recommend you try it.

Plus the tool comes in a very attractive case, ideal for storing bits of tying gear!


Check out the sites below for more information.

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  2. bought one. very nice looking however the knots it ties are not so nice looking and the instructions leave something to be desired. Great idea but needs someone with more experience to develop it further and bring it to market.

  3. looks good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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