Monday, 22 April 2013

If It's Not Broke

With the rivers not really satisfying my fishing hunger due to them being unusually quiet (due to the weather) and having picked up a summer permit at Llyngwyn I spent this past Sunday there.  Having netted 15 fish on my last visit I was optimistic, you can see my previous last post (

Tactics remained the same - Intermediate line, counted down 10 seconds, Cats Whisker , stripped back with a short sharp retrieve.  This lead to 16 fish to the net and at least half a dozen more on an off.  Plus I managed to catch a full compliment of trout species from the lake; Brown, Blue, Rainbow.

In this post I wont go into any more detail just give you some pictures, which hopefully you'll enjoy.

A panorama shot of the lake from the boat house bank
The bay - BIG Carp live here

The Boat House

Gorgeous Brownie - safely returned 


The Island - a view from The Bay

The Island - a view from the Boat House Bank

And it's goodbye from him
 Until next time...

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