Friday, 4 January 2013

Guideline Kispiox Jacket Review

Hope everyone has had a very merry Christmas and you've all been spoilt rotten by you loved ones......oh sorry by Santa!

Anyway, Santa was kind enough to bring me a Guideline Kispiox Jacket because I have been a very good boy - however, if I'd have eaten much more Turkey he may have had to come back with a bigger size.

First impressions are excellent.  There are a couple of large pockets as well as having 2 completely waterproof pockets (orange zips in the pic above).  Another feature, which is not present on a lot of the jackets in the same price range (and slightly more expensive) are two retractors for clippers and forceps - little things like this i find quite important.

Tried and Tested

Having had chance to test it at the Christmas Competition down at Garnffrwd on Saturday (29th) I am happy to report that the jacket is excellent in the wind and rain. We had torrential rain in the morning followed by a biting cold wind throughout the day.  However, I remained dry and warm (with only minimal layers on under the jacket.

The only thing I  have to say is that there isn't really enough pockets (fly vests these days have pockets everywhere and I find them all useful).  The large pockets a big enough to house 2 small fly boxes each, which may sound enough but when you factor in all the additional gear that you carry around it isn't nearly enough.  The waterproof pockets are useful yet not big and the absence of pockets at the bottom of the jackets or internally leaves you 'stuffing things where they will go'. 

Overall  I would recommend the jacket and its well worth the price tag of <£150

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